Stromboli® fireplace insert

Stromboli® fireplace insert
The clean, attractive and highly efficient heat source

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Simply enjoy the cosy warmth!

A fireplace is a great thing. Its blazing fire creates a wonderful cosiness and a homely atmosphere. A glance at the bright, flickering flames and the stress of the day fades away and relaxation sets in.

However, an open fireplace unfortunately often remains cold. The reason: Soiling, draught and a high consumption of wood make use impractical and inefficient. Risk of fire and the current ordinance on fine dust also play a part.

The solution is as simple as it is beautiful: With a Stromboli® fireplace insert from Thermonett®, yo convert your open fireplace into a self-contained, easy-to-clean heating fireplace. Aesthetics and atmosphere are maintained - all this with the simplest operation, best possible fire safety and optimum heating effect.


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The Stromboli® fireplace insert - The clean and highly efficient heat source

Thermonett® Stromboli® fireplace inserts are self-contained thermal systems. Its heating power - unlike with other fireplaces - remains in the room in full and does not escape through the chimney. The flames can also be precisely regulated using the air influx. Draughts and heat loss haven't got a chance!

Just a small quantity of firewood is enough for a cosy room temperature. And even once the fire has gone out, the fireplace insert and the masonry store the heat for several hours to come. Thus you can still enjoy the heat the next morning.

Fit for the future: Stromboli® fireplace inserts exceed all the requirements of current standards. Type testing as per EN 13229 has certified their safety, environmental friendliness and efficiency. Of course, they already meet all the requirements of future ordinances of the Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetz (federal German immission control act) and can thus be used problem-free even after 2025.

This is where you will find all details of our Stromboli® fireplace inserts at a glance. Subject to technical amendments.

Well thought-through

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Properties of the Stromboli® fireplace insert
  • For combustion with low levels of harmful substances

  • It complies with the second level of Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetz. Use it beyond the year 2025.

  • Munich standard, Regensburg standard and the the directives for Switzerlandz

  • Type-tested as per EN 13229

  • Depending on the size of the fireplace insert, the nominal heating output is either 8, 10 or 12 kW

  • Tested efficiency level of 79 %

  • 5 year warranty